Support System 

Support For Opening Franchise

Technical & Training Support - Recruitment & Training at city/state/school level without any cost. Providing all Curriculum/Training manuals. Letters, Mailers & CD’s for daily working assistance. Providing all curriculum/Training manuals.

Interior & Exterior Support - Complete Site Visit, Selection, Layout and Construction Plan. Customised design and availability of furniture. Fee Survey & 
implementation. Interior manual & availability of school furniture.

Marketing & Advertising Support - Design planning conceptualization and implementation for local advertisement. Advertisement in Print & E-Media. 
Promotion on various social channels. Seminars, Fairs and special Activities.

Research & Development Support - Preparing class manuals & tutorials based on Montessori methods Curriculum & Activities Latest Industry Updates 
Competitive strategy Development.

Endless Support - Assistance for effective school running & managing resources Own books, publication & resource material Complete range of educational Support Services Working Support on day to day basis.