About Us

A Day At Little Bee Kidz

Little Bee Kidz is a vibrant and nurturing preschool dedicated to providing a fun and educational experience for children aged 2 to 6 years old. Each age group, from Playgroup to Senior, has its own tailored program to meet the developmental needs of the children. Here's a glimpse into a typical day at Little Bee Kidz for each age group:

Playgroup (Ages 2 to 3 Years):

  1. Morning Greeting: The day begins with a warm welcome. Children are greeted by their teachers and friends, helping them transition smoothly into the classroom.

  2. Free Play: Playgroup children engage in free play, exploring various age-appropriate toys, puzzles, and art materials. This encourages creativity and social interaction.

  3. Circle Time: The teacher gathers the children for circle time, where they sing songs, listen to stories, and learn about basic concepts like colors, shapes, and numbers.

  4. Outdoor Play: Weather permitting, children have supervised outdoor playtime, allowing them to run, jump, and play in a safe environment.

  5. Nap Time: Playgroup children typically have a nap or rest time to recharge their energy.

  6. Art and Craft: In the afternoon, there's an art and craft session where children get to express themselves through various creative activities.

  7. Music and Movement: The day ends with a fun music and movement session, encouraging physical activity and coordination.

  8. Pick-Up Time: Parents arrive to pick up their little ones, and teachers provide feedback on their child's day.

Nursery (Ages 3 to 4 Years):

Nursery students follow a schedule similar to Playgroup but with more advanced activities and a focus on preparing them for the transition to preschool.

Junior (Ages 4 to 5 Years):

  1. Structured Learning: Junior students engage in more structured learning activities, including early math and literacy exercises.

  2. Group Projects: They work on group projects to encourage teamwork and problem-solving skills.

  3. Specialized Activities: Specialized activities like science experiments, cooking, and gardening are introduced to broaden their horizons.

Senior (Ages 5 to 6 Years):

  1. Advanced Curriculum: Senior students follow a more advanced curriculum, preparing them for kindergarten.

  2. Critical Thinking: Critical thinking and independent learning skills are emphasized.

  3. Field Trips: Senior students occasionally go on field trips to expand their knowledge and explore the world outside the classroom.

At Little Bee Kidz, the emphasis is not only on academic development but also on social, emotional, and physical growth. The dedicated teachers and staff ensure that each child receives the individual attention and care they need to thrive in a supportive and stimulating environment.